The Grip Weeds add another format for distribution of their most successful album to date with the release of Strange Change Machine HD in 24bit/96kHz digital audio. Available only at the online store via digital download, Strange Change Machine HD gives fans access to a true high fidelity listening experience for the very first time.
Why HD?
Well, better sound for one thing. Strange Change Machine was recorded and mixed using analog tape and high resolution digital converters. The analog mix was transferred to 24bit/96kHz digital and mastered at that resolution for the vinyl version of the album. Kurt Reil says "that's basically what we heard in the studio at mixdown. For those out there without turntables, this is as close to analog as it gets!” Rick Reil, an audiophile himself, adds, “Strange Change Machine HD sounds better than a CD and is vastly superior to an mp3. It’s the closest you can get to our original vision and sound.”

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