Rick works out a guitar partGuest Andy Burton and his magic mellotronKurt mans the consoleKristin plays harmonica too!Mellotron close up    

In the studio with The Grip Weeds

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May 9, 2001

You may have noticed that weve been keeping a low profile lately. Its because we've been hard at work in our studio recording our next album. Tentatively titled "SUMMER OF A THOUSAND YEARS", we're preparing 14 songs for it as you read this. Our bassist Mike calls the album the next step in our musical evolution. If all goes well, it'll be available this July-- but keep your fingers crossed! You never know what can happen between now and then...

Now to the songs. In no particular order, they are:

- Changed
- Summer of a Thousand Years
- Save My Life
- Love's Lost on You
- Is it Showing
- She Surrounds Me
- Melancholia
- Rainy Day #3
- Future Move
- Life and Love, Times to Come
- Love That Never Ends
- Moving Circle
- Window 
- Don't Look Over Your Shoulder

Some of these might look familiar because we've included about seven of them in our live shows over the last year. "Is It Showing" showed up on last year's Bucketfull of Brains compilation CD in issue #52, "Future Move" was on the IPO #3 CD on Not Lame (and also given away at Kristin and Kurt's wedding!) and "Melancholia", with Kristin on lead vocals, will also be released on the upcoming New Sell Out, a tribute to the Who Sell Out. "Rainy Day #1" made it onto Pop2K (the Airplay label), but has since been reworked and re-recorded a couple of times, finally settling out on the 3rd version, where we do it folk-rock style with acoustic guitars and harmonicas. And all of these previously released tracks are being remixed for our album.

Mike with the Fender basses he used on the new album.Guest Naren Budhakar lending an eastern flavor with TablasKristin and telecaster (where's the gibson?)Kurt drumming up another songMike adds his bass- Piggie the cat is unimpressed!
So what about the other tracks? "Love That Never Ends", written by Rick, features electric and acoustic 12-string guitars and harmonies..."Life and Love, Times to Come" ,written by Kurt, goes where no other Grip Weeds track has ever gone, with tablas (played by Naren Budhakar of The Wyld Olde Souls), sitar, mandolins, flutes, mellotrons and so on. We've been calling "Window" "Kristin's Revenge" because of all of the amazing guitar work she did on it. And Rick plays drums on it.... "Moving Circle" features some great bass work by Mike with electric piano and organ by our friend Andy Burton.... We're still working out "Don't Look Over Your Shoulder", but it'll be a rocker. 

All of the recording has been done at our own studio, House of Vibes, using the analog 2" 24-track machine and a Studer 2-track for mixdown. In other words, no digital hocus pocus here! In fact, practically the whole record was conceived, written, rehearsed and recorded under one roof at the HOV... We produce and engineer ourselves, which can sometimes be hard because somebody has to push the record button! And sometimes we fight it out because there's no producer around to settle things, but it always makes for the best music. It's the only way we know how to do it. It should all be done soon...Kurt, Rick, Kristin and Mike