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Newly re-mixed, re-mastered and re-sequenced with bonus tracks

Rainbow Quartz

Songs are timepieces, not only for the listener but also for the people who create them...

THE SOUND IS IN YOU is a very long album and it took a very long time to record. And now with this reissue coming out the Grip Weeds have had to go back and spend a lot of time taking apart and working with the original tracks.

The Grip Weeds began recording THE SOUND IS IN YOU in the little side porch of huge old house we were renting (i.e., the House of Vibes- the name of our first album). We'd run cables all over the house and down into the basement or sing in the bathroom to get the sounds we wanted.

Going through all 16 songs I still find it to be a really interesting listening experience. It’s really eerie to hear studio takes coming back at you from a different time in your life. But I have to say that I am very proud of all the detail in our work: the composition and the melodies really stand out; but ripping open all these tracks brings back memories.

Just a few months into the project we were kicked out of the House of Vibes and had to find another place to set up shop fast. We begged all our relatives for money and bought a house with a great stone basement where we could put the studio.

So, for the next 7 months we were forced to put down our guitars and pick up drills and paintbrushes and get the place into shape. We had to rip out sinks and walls, do wiring and spackling- we thought of calling the album "sheet rocking" for a while!

When we finally finished the studio we had a ton of material we had been playing live that we were anxious to start recording plus we wanted to include the newer songs that were constantly being written. Somehow we ended up with a gigantic 16-song album. It can get kind of overwhelming when you have your own studio- you can just keep recording and recording...and recording!

As luck would have it, just as we completed the album the little label out of North Jersey that was working with us on its release folded and left us in the lurch. I was really depressed about that because I felt really deeply that SOUND had taken such an enormous amount of work to finish and deserved to come out.

Needless to say, the band and myself are ecstatic that our newfound friends at Rainbow Quartz now feel the same way! -Kristin Pinell

The Remix
This reissue of our second album is unlike anything we've done before because we went back and remixed the tracks from the basic elements, which involved transferring the original analog multitrack tapes to computer. When we originally recorded the basic tracks, we filled up all 8 tracks on the tape, and then submixed this down to another section of tape, adding vocals and overdubs. So when we first mixed the album, we had this premixed backing track that we were stuck with whether we liked it or not. For the new reissue we sync'd up the original basic tracks to the overdubs using digital software and were able to do a much more effective mix. The idea was to make this album sound as good as or better than SUMMER... because it is now the follow-up. -Kurt Reil

The Songs
We were going for a diversity of styles and influences. Although we are frequently associated with the '60s, we were trying to present these influences in a challenging and contemporary way. This can be heard on our cover "Down to the Wire" which has some of the good elements of the original but sounds nothing like it. "Strange Bird" clearly is influenced by the Byrds, but "Everything and All You Feel" is maybe influenced by Deep Purple. A song like "Inca" isn't influenced by anything other than ourselves, really. We tried to cover a lot of musical ground from power pop "Ready and Waiting" to metaphysical "philoso-rock" "In Waking Dreams" ("philoso-rock" was a term coined by Roger McGuinn to mean rock with philosophy in it). At the time, the song "Intro" (and also "Outro") was an attempt at the avante garde (these tracks were "written" by every member improvising on his or her own track).

As with all of our recordings, "The Sound Is In You" was intended to demonstrate a leap forward from the previous record. We don't want our records to sound the same and we want to be able to hear discernable growth in songwriting, performance and production. The album was designed to take the listener on a bit of a head trip. -Rick Reil

The Bonus Tracks
We also added 3 bonus tracks that were recorded during the sessions for THE SOUND IS IN YOU: "I Can Hear the Grass Grow", originally done in 1966 by the Move, and "Lazy Day", by the Left Banke. Both songs make their US debut and have also been remixed for this reissue. "Outro" was actually a hidden track on the original version, but we've now brought it out of hiding. We called it "Outro", since it was essentially the unedited version of "Intro" and it closes the album. -Kurt Reil

Photo Projections
The band also came up with the artwork and packaging for the CD (another "do-it-yourself" project). We set up the basement studio with lights and cameras and with the help of photographer friend spent the weekend making colored projections of ourselves onto our favorite instruments. -Kristin

The Grip Weeds Kristin Kurt Rick Mike
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Kurt Reil: vocals, drums, guitars, percussion, piano
Rick Reil: vocals, guitars, keyboards, sitar
Kristin Pinell: guitars, vocals, percussion
Michael Nattboy: bass

Andy Burton: keyboards
Vince Grogan: bass
Mick Hargrave: bass, backing vocals

produced by the Grip Weeds
recorded and mixed at the House of Vibes
engineered by the Bicker Brothers 
1. Intromp39. In Waking Dreamsmp3 
2. Every Minutemp310. Morning Rainmp3 
3. Better Worldmp311. Ready and Waitingmp3 
4. What I Believe Is Yoump312. Strange Birdmp3 
5. Gamesmp313. Everything and All You Feelmp3 
6. A Piece of My Ownmp314. Down to the Wiremp3 
7. Tomorrowmp315. What's In Your Mindmp3 
8. We're Not Getting Throughmp316. Incamp3 
Outro (previously hidden track)mp3 
Bonus Tracks: 
Lazy Day
I Can Hear the Grass Growmp3 
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