How I Won The War Coded Messages

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How I Won The War Coded Messages

In keeping with the traditions of warfare, there are coded messages strategically placed in the various editions of How I Won The War and in the websites. If you can decipher the code, you will have access to The Grip Weeds Secret Bunker– a stockpile of in-depth content, audio, video and other inside information. Purchase of the How I Won The War Deluxe Package includes a decoder key, so if you can find the codes, you'll get to the content they are guarding. But the codes can also be cracked! And more messages will be added, so check back and comb the site for hidden messages.

In the window below, type in your decoded message. Use all lowercase letters with no spaces. If your decoding skills are sharp, a window will open with top secret content therein to be downloaded. If you've cracked the code, please keep it to yourself– loose lips sink ships.

There's so much valuable content to find– here's an example of the info hidden in the Secret Bunker:

• In-depth song-by-song liner notes written by the band– how and why the songs were written, who played what, instruments used, etc.

• The Story Behind The Cover Art– a look into the development of the How I Won The War imagery

• Exclusive Audio and Video Content

• And more!